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OjO Electric Launches in Hoboken, NJ

For Immediate Release

P3GM Contact: Mary Lynch, Mlynch@p3gm.com

OjO Contact: Melanie Wine, Melanie@ojoelectric.com

OXNARD, CA May 6, 2019  -- Today, OjO Electric, LLC, (www.ojoelectric.com) a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company announced its upcoming launch in Hoboken, NJ on May 20th, 2019.  OjO in partnership with P3GM, a global smart city development company, will launch a 50 scooter program as part of Hoboken's six-month long pilot. OjO was chosen along with Lime scooters as the only two companies to participate.

"I am thrilled Hoboken is leading the way for the rest of the state to implement an additional mode of green transportation," Ravi S. Bhalla, the mayor of Hoboken, said in a statement. "Electric scooters will help residents easily travel around our city, reduce congestion on our roadways, and improve access to transit stations and
business districts."

OjO offers an electric scooter rideshare program committed to collaborating with local governments to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions. Built for the bike lane and streets, off sidewalks and away from pedestrians, the OjO scooter is a safe, sustainable and structurally sound scooter for today's rapidly rideshare market. OjO has a swappable battery that allows it to go up to 25 miles on a full electric charge. OjO is initially permitted for 50 scooters in Hoboken, and currently is also permitted to operate in Austin, Texas and Dallas, Texas. OjO customers enjoy longer rides than typical kick-scooter riders, and increased mileage traveled, helping to reduce cars on the road and
carbon emissions.

"We are excited to bring OjO to Hoboken and be an integral part of the first scooter deployment in the tri-state area. We believe this area of the country is ripe for mobility improvements, and the cities and residents stand to benefit greatly, said Max Smith, CEO of OjO Electric. " The OjO scooter is a far different product than all of the kick-scooters in the market from a safety, quality and comfort standpoint, but the real difference maker for city planners and customers alike is usage and range. While kick-scooters are used for short trips, OjO is providing a true alternative to cars in the micro-mobility space by servicing longer trips."

P3GM will provide operational support to OjO with boots on the ground in Hoboken and oversee OjO scooter deployment, balancing, service, repair and 24/7 customer service telephone support line. P3GM will utilize existing JerseyBike stations for scooter parking and will work with OjO to determine optimal neighborhood deployments.

OjO and P3GM will share data on scooter usage and ride trends, which is possible with the scooter's on-board telemetry system with live-feed data transmission to share vehicle performance and information.  This will help optimize the performance as well as address any potential maintenance issues.  This functionality is in line with OjO's mandate to ensure maximum rider safety and superior user experience.

On the heels of its successful launches in Austin, Dallas and Hoboken, OjO is gearing up to expand to additional markets in 2019 and will continue to work with experienced logistic companies to manage their operations. OjO has permit applications pending in several top 25 markets that are made up of the infrastructure and mobility offerings where OjO's rideshare program makes good sense.


About OjO Electric, LLC

OjO Electric LLC is a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company creating products and services for first and last mile transportation solutions.  OjO's vision is to create a sustainable mobility eco-system connecting people, cities and businesses with our services.  The platform is built with open API's to allow for integration with partners and offer multi-modal solutions. With patented designs, manufacturing and distribution for electric scooters, OjO is a vertically integrated company.  To find out more, visit us @ ojoelectric.com or download the OjO mobile app.  

About P3GM

P3GM is a global smart city development company that provides a gateway for next-generation technology companies to implement their solutions in cooperation with cities. Through public-private partnerships, P3GM integrates best-in-class technologies and solutions across the mobility, energy, telecommunications, and out-of-home media industries. For more information visit: www.p3gm.com