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P3 Global Management Removes OjO Scooters from Hoboken at the Request of Mayor Bhalla

Days Before the Introduction of OjO 2.0, Scooters are Removed

For Immediate Release: September 13, 2019

Media Contact: Mary Lynch, Mlynch@p3gm.com

HOBOKEN, New Jersey – P3 Global Management (P3GM) has partnered with OjO Electric to provide a sustainable form of transportation in the City of Hoboken. As of September 12, 2019, OjO electric scooters will no longer be available throughout the city. 

Since inception, OjO Scooters have provided over 20,000 rides to 5,300 members. 

P3 Global Management has managed the operations of the scooter pilot in Hoboken since its launch in May, partnering with OjO Electric to provide a station-based system, focused on reducing car congestion and increasing mobility options responsibly. 

Unfortunately, certain members of the community have failed to exercise due responsibility and caution while using the services. OjO Electric and P3 Global Management have worked diligently to track and suspend the accounts of these users. 

This lack of regard for rules and safety procedures has been detrimental to the program and the public of Hoboken as scooters will no longer be available to those who deserve access. 

OjO Electric has dedicated itself to improving the experience for both users and pedestrians, with plans to introduce OjO 2.0 in the coming days, which features updated geo-fencing technology capable of enforcing no ride zones and speed restricted zones. This version also features audio alerts to notify riders of restrictions based on location and speed.  


P3GM and OjO Electric have had a presence in each community event requested by the City of Hoboken and/or Hoboken Police Department.

The team has had staff on the ground 24 hours a day, seven days a week, operating two separate vehicles from 5AM through 10PM, with a single truck running the overnight shift. 

P3GM remains committed to the safety of Hoboken residents and visitors. We remain optimistic that Mayor Bhalla will allow us and OjO Electric the opportunity to address their concerns and pedestrian safety. 

We look forward to continuing our conversations with the City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Police Department to better serve the people of Hoboken. 


About OjO Electric, LLC

OjO Electric LLC is a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company creating products and services for first and last mile transportation solutions.  OjO's vision is to create a sustainable mobility eco-system connecting people, cities and businesses with our services.  The platform is built with open API's to allow for integration with partners and offer multi-modal solutions. With patented designs, manufacturing and distribution for electric scooters, OjO is a vertically integrated company.  To find out more, visit us @ ojoelectric.com or download the OjO mobile app.  

About P3GM

P3GM is a global smart city development company that provides a gateway for next-generation technology companies to implement their solutions in cooperation with cities. Through public-private partnerships, P3GM integrates best-in-class technologies and solutions across the mobility, energy, telecommunications, and out-of-home media industries. For more information visit: www.p3gm.com.